Hello world!

Ok now. I’ve got my blog name and the site. I’m ready to write.

I guess the first should be basic information about myself and what you can expect to read. What I am is definitely not a writer. Somewhere in my education an instructor told me he liked my writing. Nearing the age of retirement, or actually there if I don’t get a job soon, I thought, “Why not give it a shot.” Some people, especially my wife, say I’m very opinionated and would argue with a fence post. Two things I really don’t like to discuss are politics and religion because I don’t know enough about either. There are far too many issues out there for me to keep track of them and still live my life. I’m also not a debater. I need time to think about things before responding. I’ve learned to dislike confrontation.

┬áItems on my blog may include political issues, but only those that piss me off (as you can see I may be blunt). I’ll try to write about good things, those happy moments that give you a warm and fuzzy. I may even write about things in my career that were both positive (advancement) and negative (mergers, layoffs and outsourcing). Some maybe more of a story than a blog. It will all depend on my mood, status of the world, state and city. Note-I’d really like to start with the winner of DWTS in the finale, but it won’t change anything.

They may be short, they may be long. Again it depends on the mood and the ‘honey do’ list, which is quite long at this point. I make no guarantees on the frequency, but others I’ve read have no particular publishing schedule except those individuals being paid.

On the advice of an editor I know, I recently read Stephen King’s On Writing. I was impressed with what he had to say although I don’t read his novels. The book gave me the encouragement I needed to finally take on this task.

There it is in a nut shell. Next post won’t take too long and should be somewhat wet.

Thanks for taking the time.


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